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FIT4LIFE is a pilot program that is intended to provide expert and professional services of Point B Performance to the public.  In partnership with Manoa Valley Church, the Fit4Life program is launching off by serving the community of Manoa Valley.

The program is intended to be 8-12 weeks long and will meet once per week (may increase to twice/week).  Each session will have a lecture component as well as a practical component.  By doing so, you'll work the brain as well as the body.  You'll learn the science, principles, and data of what actually matters to create positive change in your health & wellness, as well as putting your physical body through proper training and coaching to get first-hand experience.


Weight Lifting


Simply put, to take control and ownership of your health and well-being.

There are too much information, too many voices and opinions about anything and everything in this digital age.  And, when it comes to the health and fitness industry, that is no different.  Ignore all the "noise" and learn from a professional of what it actually to achieve a certain goal(s).

Do you want to build muscle and strength? Lose body fat and body weight? Do you want to prevent injuries? Become more mobile? If you need help in these areas Fit4Life is for you.

Weight Lifting
Why Fit4Life

David Park
Strength & Nutrition Coach
NASM/PN/FMS/USAW/Metabolic Analytics


My passion for coaching derives from striving to create a comfortable and positive atmosphere while empowering and improving my clients’ lives. I want to be able to equip my clients with not only the skills, but also the knowledge and core values of how to attain their health & fitness goals.

My journey of coaching started in 2011, and have been fortunate enough to learn from the top strength coaches in the world. With the influence of those coaches as well as my passion to be better, it’s  allowed me to provide great results not only for myself but for many clients over the years, including elite level athletes (Olympians, professionals, collegiate, and high school athletes), weekend warriors or hard-working individuals that simply want to get fit and healthy, and more.

I've become obsessed with becoming a better version of myself which is why listening to podcasts and reading books & articles have become an essential part of my day.  In addition, as I've mentioned before, I find it necessary to apply things I've learned to myself. I am consistently working out applying different principles and protocols, cooking and working on my diet & nutrition, and even applying mental health practices at times such as meditation.

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Weight Lifting
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Take the first step to taking control of your health!  One step at a time. 

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FIT4LIFE Program is fully 100% donation based. No amount is too small or too big, and we appreciate and thank any amount. Donations can be given anytime.

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