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Being healthy and fit has never been so hard.  With the overwhelming amount of information out there, living a healthy lifestyle can seem complicated and endless. 


Point B Performance is here to help you achieve your goals by simplifying the journey and stay focused on what’s important.  Using our online coaching, exercising and eating healthy will become simple, achievable, and something you even look forward to.


Everyone starts from a different Point A.  Point B Performance will account for your unique priorities, struggles, and more.  Our support and expertise will be available all at your fingertips throughout the journey.


Let's work together to get you to your Point B by simplifying the journey.


Meet Your Coach


David Park

Strength & Nutrition Coach

NASM/FMS/USAW/Metabolic Analytics


My passion for coaching derives from striving to create a comfortable and positive atmosphere while empowering and improving my clients’ lives. I want to be able to equip my clients with not only the skills, but also the knowledge and core values of how to attain their health & fitness goals.

My journey of coaching started in 2011, and have been fortunate enough to learn from the top strength coaches in the world. With the influence of those coaches as well as my passion to be better, it’s  allowed me to provide great results not only for myself but for many clients over the years, including elite level athletes (Olympians, professionals, collegiate, and high school athletes), weekend warriors or hard-working individuals that simply want to get fit and healthy, and more.


I've become obsessed with becoming a better version of myself which is why listening to podcasts and reading books & articles have become an essential part of my day.  In addition, as I've mentioned before, I find it necessary to apply things I've learned to myself. I am consistently working out applying different principles and protocols, cooking and working on my diet & nutrition, and even applying mental health practices at times such as meditation.

Online Coaching
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What is Point B Online Coaching? 

Point B Online Coaching is a one-on-one coaching program that tailors to your goals, environment, habits, and behaviors to ultimately get you to your Point B. 

Why Point B Online Coaching? 

  • Accountability and Support 

Most people know WHAT they're supposed to do. Actually taking action is the most common issue. Knowing that you have someone that'll go along in your health and fitness journey with you may be what you need to achieve your goal(s).

  • Nutritional and Training Guidance/Support


Optimal program isn't optimal unless you're actually following it!  You may need a coach/system that's not just going to give you a program to follow but to guide you and figure out how to troubleshoot along the way.  Nutrition and training both need adjustments along the way and maybe that's what you've been missing to get you to your goal(s).

  • Flexibility

Thanks to the internet & cellphone, we are able to communicate pretty much everywhere.  We don't need to be bound by one specific time or location.  Maybe you need a bit more flexible option. 


  • Point B Virtual Training (Add-on)

Working out on your own can be challenging for many number of reasons.  Maybe someone watching over your technique and execution, directly give you feedback in your ears, and guiding you through your workouts and each exercise, eat set, each repetition is what you need to elevate your workout to a new level.

Standing on the Summit


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